DeGross design&Innovation Ltd Is a unique Design Hub which specialises in providing a comprehensive product development and manufacture solutions to the B2B and Hi tech industry. The B2B industrial markets are often challenging in terms of the route to the market, the end users and the number of different potential customers. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to understand how their products are actually used where when and who the end user is. We also identify key requirements for each of the different costumer or end user, so we could identify new opportunities for improving the product and presenting better solutions to improve our Costumer’s potential to break in to the market. To our clients we are able to provide services in product development which include: concept generation, market analysis, research and development and generating 3d Cad drawings. Based on the product development process and the final Cad files generated we could then produce prototypes which are manufactured in house by our High speed Micro milling machine. Our Datron M8 cnc machine has the ability to create models and prototyped in a large variety of materials: from plastics to metals and carbon fibre. We are capable to manufacture a small batch of products to be used by our customers to test their markets and get some feedback. In this way, as part of the product development process, our customers could assess whether their new products have the potential to become profitable and or will any changes need to be applied on the original designs. We have achieved successfully to assist and mange the process of delivering the final products to be mass produced in China. We have established strong and reliable partnerships with local Chinese fabricators which helped us with all the necessary requirements to allow our prototypes to be mass produced in China. Contact us to find out more