Product development

Degross Design&Innovation is a concept and product Development studio based in West London. The studio was formed in 2011 and since, it has been engaging with a variety of exciting projects. At Degross D&I we are specialized in the product development of outdoor equipment to hand held devices, bespoke communication devices related to the RF and cyber security industry. Our service include concept design and prototyping and also design for manufacture. We provide detailed final specifications for production and assist with implementation.

Rapid Prototyping

Our unique service is divided into 3 core processes: Product development and R&D Prototyping- Rapid prototyping Low volume production and DFM in China. We offer our services to anyone who is developing a product and looking for the fastest and most cost effective way to introduce his new product to the market. We have proved to be a strong and reliable partner to new start-ups working within the Hi- Tech industry in the UK and outside. Our projects also include: Concept generation, Cad modelling and Model Making and generating final production drawings.(DFM)

Bespoke Productions

From our experience working with Developers and start ups it is essential to have a prototype made for testing and trail purposes. In many cases, we have produced a line of products or prototypes up to hundreds of units do our customers could use them in launching a marketing champagne. Having the option to produce a small line of new product has assisted businesses successfully to reduced cost by changing and adapting to the markets need before moving to produce in mass production lines abroad.

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